Welcome to 2022

We’re bringing in the new year with some big changes at Coastal Leather Supply. It has always been our goal to support small business leatherworkers to grow their craft, whether as a hobbyist selling to friends and family, or a full-time crafter with a comprehensive customer base. 

The highest hurdle to overcome for Australian crafters is pricing. In 2021 Coastal alleviated some pricing woes by bringing supplies in and cutting difficult exchange rates and shipping costs that come with international suppliers. 

For 2022 we are proud to announce that leather pricing will once again improve for crafters, with an average price drop of 11.5% across Pueblo and Buttero sizes. To facilitate this price change we are introducing ⅓ hide sizings. Our new pricing list:

Sizing + Pricing Guide

 1sqft 28.95 Minimum 40cm x 25cm
2sqft+ 55.95 Minimum 80cm x 25cm or 50cm x 40cm (no guarantees which size)
1/4 Hide+ 76.95 Minimum 3sqft in variety of shapes
1/3 Hide+ 93.95 Minimum 30cm x 115cm
1/2 Hide+ 139.95 Minimum 95cm x 60cm

Our prices now include GST.

We’re now including dimension guides with our leather descriptions to keep it clear just what size will show up on your door. But don’t worry, you’ll still regularly be getting oversized pieces and making the most bang for your buck.

The other pain point for small businesses was shipping times, with postal delays being at their all time worst in 2021. Thank you all for your patience as we worked through delays and lost packages. While we cannot control shipping providers directly, we have decided to extend our $150 free standard shipping and introduce a new $200 free express shipping. Now if you spend $200 or more you are eligible for domestic express post, which is still the fastest way to receive your goods.

For our international customers we have introduced better dynamic rates, which will automatically calculate the best shipping rate you can get. Or if it is urgent, we have integrated worldwide DHL courier express services as well. 

More accurate parcel weights and dimensions have resulted in the cheapest shipping option being available at checkout too.

Over the next few months you will also see some changes coming to leather photos, website layout, and of course new products. Some behind-the-scenes changes have meant restocks will be more regular as well. We will constantly be working to improve the service and goods we provide to leatherworkers, big and small, across Australia, New Zealand, and beyond. 

Thank you for your support through 2021, we look forward to making 2022 a big one!

- Byron & Rob

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