Sedgwick & Co English Bridle


English Bridle is regarded by many as the pinnacle in strap leather for use in belts, equestrian accessories, bridles, reins, leashes, and more. This particular article, tanned by J & E Sedgwick & Co in England, has been produced with the same methods since 1900. Their craftsmen undergo intense training before working on strictly sourced hides, resulting in their reputation for consistency and quality. 

Tanning and Manufacturing

Sedgwick & Co specialise in their single butt English bridle leathers. Cows from the UK have been carefully prepared for tanning, with special attention taken to their history and where the hide has come from. Using century-old vegetable tanning techniques, the process takes over 3 months from start to finish. 

The final stages are completed by hand, ensuring that the end product comes out at the highest quality. The article is stuffed with oils and farts over time and this reflects in a rigid leather that is still pliable when needed, perfect for straps. 



Sedgwick has a distinct finish on their articles. Firstly, the grain and flesh sides are surface dyed, leaving a two-tone effect on the edge once cut. This finish is quite scratch resistant, and will patina wonderfully over time into a rich colour. However the truly distinct element is the heavy wax finish on the grain side. This helps to protect the grain and keep it supple, preventing drying out over time.



Crafters will appreciate the detailed qualities of English Bridle, immediately noting a consistent high yield, firm, and rich leather. The wax finish can be buffed into the grain side or left to patina in over time, depending on the preference of the customer. 

A beautiful leather for belts, this will not warp and bunch up when the rear belt loop pulls into the strap. We even offer split straps cut from the same hide, providing a perfect colour match for belt makers. 

In bridles there is simply no alternative; Sedgwick have mastered the art of the bridle leather. 

Our English Bridle by Sedgwick & Co is available in 3.5mm. 

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