Hot Stamp Foils-Coastal Leather Supply
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Hot Stamp Foils-Silver-Coastal Leather Supply
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Hot Stamp Foils-Gold-Coastal Leather Supply
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Hot Stamp Foils-Blue-Coastal Leather Supply
Hot Stamp Foils-Red-Coastal Leather Supply

Hot Stamp Foils

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Make your designs pop with our range of vibrant metallic foils! 

Suitable for use with our brass stamps, just cut off an appropriate size, heat your stamp to 80C-120C, and press the foil for 1-5 seconds. 


Width - 4cm

Length - 120m

Custom width and further colours available upon request


Test prior to printing

Please be mindful that different stamp designs, heating methods, and leather surfaces result in different outcomes. Always test your temperature and contact time prior to branding your desired piece.

Packaging your order is an incredibly important process. No one wins if your leather is damaged in the mail.

Every package is tightly padded to ensure your items are not damaged in transit. For more information visit our Shipping Process

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