Custom Brass Stamps For Leatherworking

Whether you want to create a logo to brand your products, add a personal touch to your work, or simply provide a high-end finish, you can create your own leather goods with custom brass stamps. Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing the right stamps for your leatherworking needs. Whether you're creating a one-off leather craft item or a large-scale branding campaign, custom brass stamps will give you a professional edge.

Building a brand with your logo

If you are looking to build a brand with your custom leather stamps, it may be a good idea to have a professional create them for you. A professional leather stamp maker can help you create one with a design you want to have imprinted on the leather. Regardless of what you want to imprint on your leather, you will be able to achieve it with brass. The benefits of brass stamps are that they are long-lasting and do not rust, and they are perfect for both wet and heat stamping.

Adding professionalism

Leatherworking products made by leatherworkers should be stamped with a personal logo. A personal logo seals the quality of a piece and allows others to identify the maker. We at Coastal Leather Supplyoffer a great price on stamps at akll sizes, so consider using one for your leathercraft business. We will help you add a touch of class and professionalism to your finished leather products.

Go a step further by getting multiple designs to fit a variety of your projects. A large stamp on a awallet is likely to look pretty small on a bag, so consider getting an upgraded size for different jobs. Many makers include a seperate logo with 'Made in Australia' or another location. This is fantastic to reinforce professionalism and quality in your customers, especially those living internationally. 

Customising your work for businesses

If you enjoy customising your work , you may want to consider this for business customers. These are a great way to create a point of differentiation for your products by offering branded leather goods. Many businesses are looking for corporate gifts, end-of-year gifts, thank yous, and more to differentiate their own marketing.

Simply replacing your own logo with theirs can make for an excellent product that they'll love. What's even better, they'll often be after a lot of products, not just the one. And when you complete the order with a perfectly customised product? They'll be looking to come back the next time they need something. 

If you're regularly creating for businesses, we can even offer discounted rates on multiple stamps, reducing your quotes or just making you more money!

Heat foils

If you wish to really stand out, foil stamping is the next best option. This can only be done with a brass stamp that can be heated to around 100C. Using the right machine, you can press the brass stamp into your project with foil (usually gold or silver) laying on top. A quick press down results in a clean and sharp image transfer that lasts a long time. 

Brass stamps are also incredibly durable, withstanding hydraulic presses, wet stamping, and heat stamping for years. 


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