Quality Control

Order with the peace of mind that you will get what you paid for


Unlike other leather suppliers, we measure our cuts based upon the usable size of the leather, not the total size. This means if you order 2sqft, you will likely receive a panel that is larger in total area as the edges might be crinkled or creased.


  • Fat lines
  • Soft creases
  • Natural curve from rolling
  • Tannery stamp on the flesh side

Not Usable

  • Hard, unrecoverable creases
  • Large scars
  • Thin, loose fibres from the edge of the hide

2sqft and 1/4 hides are typically rectangular, while 1/2 hides are roughly square.

Leather is still a natural product though, and there can be slight variations from one end of the hide to the other. Our images have been shot and edited in a way that provides the closest to true colour we can get, but due to factors like screen brightness and natural variations, your leather may be slightly different than the image.

If you ever have an issue with your leather, please contact us immediately so we can organise a replacement

Returns and Replacements

No matter what we do, mistakes still happen. Whether we miss part of your order or your order is damaged during delivery, we want to know. 

Typically we try to add the missing or replaced item in your next order (along with some extra goodies), so please get in touch and we will try to resolve the issue.

If you wish to return your order it must be in the exact condition it was sent in and you must pay the shipping. Just contact us and we can organise the refund process for you. Custom items are an exception to this.