New Website, Same Great Leathers

The day is finally here! We've revamped our website to not only freshen up the look, but drastically improve your experience from browsing to receiving your order. 

There's a lot of changes, so we've organised them below.

Website Design

  • Swatches on product pages
  • Collapsible information
  • More accessible info on deals and sales
  • Leather cut infographs
  • Faster load times
  • Sort stock via colours and sizes 
  • Brass stamp overhaul
  • Clearly see when items are low on stock so you won't miss out

Backend Changes

  • Faster order fulfilment - avg. 2.6 days down to 1.5 days
  • Smoother third-party apps reducing user-error
  • Improved email lists - you'll now receive emails with important information on your order , and nicer emails with the latest deals
  • Stock handling has changed, meaning less time for items to be 'out of stock'
  • First steps to new photographs with truer and more consistent colours


Our prices have changed alongside our website. With new taxes, overheads, and prices at the tanneries, we are amending some leather prices. We'll always keep our prices as low as we can manage, and always keep it transparent.

To this day CLS has reinvested profits back into our stock. Read more about our roadmap here

  • Approximate 5% increase in leather prices 
    • We reduced pricing 6 months ago, and the new prices are still below those old prices
  • Slight increase in postage fees
    • This aligns with postage increases from AusPost and DHL. Prices are automatically calculated from their database
  • Removal of 1/4 hides to reduce offcut wastage

We'll continue to work to provide value in ways that don't pass on costs to you, the customer.

For an overview of where we reinvest profits, please read more here.


We're excited to share these new changes with you. Please enjoy the new look and experience at Coastal Leather Supply, and continue crafting your amazing projects!

- Byron & Rob

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