Edge Beveller | Palosanto-
Edge Beveller | Palosanto-
Edge Beveller | Palosanto-

Edge Beveller | Palosanto

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Incredibly sharp out of the box, these bevellers are arguably the best in the world. Because of the high-quality steel they are made with, these will hold their edge for a long time. The beautifully designed handle rests comfortably in hand and comes in a variety of gorgeous woods.

Palosanto is world-renowned for producing some of the best leatherworking tools, handcrafted in Korea. After a few years you may want to get your tools resharpened, which Palosanto will also do for free.  


Size Guide

00 = 0.2mm

0 = 0.4mm

1 = 0.6mm

2 = 1.2mm

3 = 1.8mm


Packaging your order is an incredibly important process. No one wins if your leather is damaged in the mail.

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