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Minerva Box | Badalassi Carlo

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Minerva Box is a naturally pebbled article stuffed with fats and oils. The surface feels soft and despite being vegetable tanned is very pliable, making it a popular choice for bags and clutches. The full aniline, natural pebble finish makes for an enjoyably varied look with tremendous character. 

This premium leather comes from the Badalassi Carlo tannery in Italy, a tannery known for its quality and is a part of the prestigious Pelle Conciata al Vegetale in Tuscana Consortium. 


Finish - Natural Pebble

Shine - Low Gloss

Dye - Through

Tannage - Vegetable

Firmness - Soft

Cut - Shoulder

Avg. thickness 1.8-2.0mm

 1sqft Minimum 40cm x 25cm
2sqft+ Minimum 80cm x 25cm or 50cm x 40cm (no guarantees which size)
1/4 Hide+ Minimum 3sqft in variety of shapes
1/3 Hide+ Minimum 30cm x 115cm
1/2 Hide+ Minimum 95cm x 60cm
Goat As listed
Shell As listed


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