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Chevre 'Sully' is goat leather from Alran Tannery in France. Internationally renowned for their colours and quality, Sully has been a go to for luxury brands for years. All hides are their top grade with perfect finishes, instantly recognisable by their natural pebbled texture. 

The process for vegetable tanning Sully is especially lengthy, with the leather taken through weeks of hand-tanning to achieve the final article. 

Particularly useful for bags, covers, wallets, and linings.

Alran is known the world over for their consistent quality, especially for their goat leathers. Having supplied many luxury brands, you can be assured any articles from Alran are only the finest leathers available.

Strictly Australian customers only. Apologies for any inconvenience


Finish - Pebbled texture

Shine - Matte

Dye - Through

Tannage - Vegetable

Firmness - Soft-Medium

Cut - Whole goat hide

Avg. thickness 1.1-1.2mm 

 1sqft Minimum 40cm x 25cm
2sqft+ Minimum 80cm x 25cm or 50cm x 40cm (no guarantees which size)
1/4 Hide+ Minimum 3sqft in variety of shapes
1/3 Hide+ Minimum 30cm x 115cm
1/2 Hide+ Minimum 95cm x 60cm
Goat As listed
Shell As listed


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Customer Reviews

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Viv S.
Stunning leather

Absolutely beautiful piece of leather. The clean finish on the underside is phenomenal. I can’t wait to make something with it - the trouble will be finding something to show it off as it deserves.

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