Beginner Leatherworking Kit-Coastal Leather Supply
Beginner Leatherworking Kit-Coastal Leather Supply
Beginner Leatherworking Kit-Coastal Leather Supply

Beginner Leatherworking Kit

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Looking to get started in leatherwork and not sure where to begin? Our leatherworking kit provides you with introductory yet still professional-grade tools and materials. 

While many kits will give you a lot of tools, they are often nearly useless due to their poor quality and are not designed to work together. Our tools are specially selected for the most efficient and economical start to your small goods leatherworking journey!

IMPORTANT information:

To receive your free leather and thread, please follow these steps (we wouldn't want you to miss out!)

  1. Add Beginner Leatherworking Kit to your cart
  2. Add 1x 100m Vinymo Thread (any colour)
  3. Add 1x 1sqft Pueblo or Buttero Leather (any colour)
  4. Add 1x Columbus Edge Wax (any colour) 

Please ensure you add these to your cart so that you receive them with your order.

Thread | Leather

Comes with our $15 digital template megapack to help you create near limitless combinations of wallets.

This kit contains:

  • 2 + 6 prong 4mm diamond punch | Wuta
  • #2 edge beveller | Oka
  • 1 pack of saddlers needles | Wuta
  • 1x 100m thread | Vinymo
  • 1sqft veg tan leather 
  • Small punch pad | Oka
  • Columbus Edge Wax
  • Edge slicker | WUTA
  • Glue spatula
  • Water based glue | Craft Sha
  • Toko Pro | Craft Sha
  • Replaceable Japanese Knife | Olfa
  • Wing Dividers  | Wuta
  • Mallet | WUTA
  • Cutting mat | WUTA
  • Digital Template megapack

RRP of individual items ~$250

Packaging your order is an incredibly important process. No one wins if your leather is damaged in the mail.

Every package is tightly padded to ensure your items are not damaged in transit. For more information visit our Shipping Process

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