Vinymo MBT - Elegant thread from Japan

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There has been a lot of buzz surrounding the ‘Vinymo MBT’ thread from Japan. This thread is produced by Nagai Yoriito, a highly regarded thread production company, specifically for leatherwork. While it is the successor to their ‘Vinymo’ thread line in name, it is truly in a class of its own thanks to some additional steps taken during the production process. So be careful not to confuse the two!

Let’s find out why Vinymo MBT is favored by many high-end leatherworkers from Japan to Italy to America.

Vinymo MBT thread Coastal Leather Supply


Firstly we should look at the production process. Vinymo MBT is a twisted polyester thread that is made in a similar fashion to other threads, except for one critical difference. 

This difference is the inclusion of bonding, which Nagai Yoriito refers to as ‘nylon inbond’. Through this bonding process, the thread comes out extraordinarily strong. Any pulling, tugging, and ripping is no problem for the VInymo MBT to handle.

The second bonus to this bonding is the way the thread holds together. Due to being bonded just before the final twisting process, the thread is tight and won’t fray after being cut, which means it is easy to thread through the eye of a needle. Even after being used in products such as wallets it can withstand years of rubbing against a pocket.

Because Nagai Yoriito has already bonded the thread, Vinymo MBT doesn’t come waxed. This results in no clogging up when used in a machine and gives the user flexibility in how heavily waxed they would like their thread to be.

The thread is dyed heavily in a vast range of colours, so you shouldn’t struggle to find the right colour to match your leather. 

Vinymo MBT thread colour guide

How is it to work with?

One of the key draws of Vinymo MBT is the ease with which it is to use. 

No fraying makes it very easy to thread into the needle, speeding up your work. This also means you won’t need to worry about accidentally piercing the thread and damaging it visually when saddle stitching.

Different from its other premium thread counterparts such as Ritza Tiger thread, Vinymo MBT is round. This promotes a more uniform stitch as workers won’t need to worry about keeping the thread flat in order to avoid twists and lumps.

However, it is important to note that Vinymo is unwaxed (also known as not lubricated). This means that you will likely want to wax it yourself prior to use, especially if you are sewing by hand. We recommend running it over some beeswax once for a light coating to get the most out of the thread without leaving a waxy residue on your work.

Waxing vinymo MBT thread

On top of this, Vinymo can be easier to pierce in the stitch hole than other threads, so be sure to be careful with your needle so as to avoid knotting your thread. The bonus here is that if you catch a piercing early, you can simply pull the needle out and the thread will look good as new!

How does it finish?

Vinymo MBT gives an incredibly clean, professional look. If you are hoping to create a refined product with perfect lines and neatly stacked stitches, then this thread is for you. 

With a nice glossiness to the polyster, Vinymo MBT looks like a silk thread once finished. But instead of the low tensile strength of silk, it is actually the incredibly strong bonded polyester. 

We do recommend hammering the stitches down firmly, as the roundness of the thread can sit high on the face of the leather. This step of setting the stitches will also help the knots grip onto each other tightly, resulting in a very strong hold.

To finish, simply back stitch and burn off with a lighter, as the polyster thread will melt down neatly.


Shape - round

Material - bonded polyester

Colour - glossy, vast range

Waxed - unwaxed


#8 - 0.5mm

#5 - 0.6mm

#1 - .75mm

#0 - 1.00mm

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