Our Shipping Process

Packaging your order is an incredibly important process. No one wins if your leather is damaged in the mail.


We pack your orders by rolling them flesh side out and placing them in a long box. Each end is padded with paper so that the tips of your leather aren't damaged. We also cut all our leathers oversized, so that should the ends be crumpled you are still receiving the correct amount of usable leather. 

Some high-value leathers such as Shell Cordovan will be wrapped individually to ensure they come in perfect condition.

Tools, thread and other materials are all individually wrapped as well, so that they don't bounce around and mark up your hides. Just be on the lookout so you don't accidentally throw them out!


Sustainability is an important focus of our shipping method. At every step of the process we try to use recyclable materials. You may occassionally receive "ugly boxes" that are repurposed from other deliveries. There are only two exceptions to our recyclable rule:

  1. The plastic packing tape we use is Australia Post official recommended tape
  2. Any plastics within your package are reused plastics that we receive when ordering from our suppliers (for example tokonole is prepackaged in cling wrap)

We recommend reusing our packaging for packing your own goods, or using the cardboard for making templates!

Processing Time

We aim to send your parcel within 3-6 days of order. 

In the future we hope to reduce processing time, eventually offering same day processing. Fast shipping is critical for Australian leatherworkers, so know we are doing our best to get your order on your workbench as soon as possible.

However, for now we are still a small fit out and there may be times where it takes a day longer than usual to process. Please be understanding and contact us  immediately if your order absolutely cannot be delayed.