Tokonole 120g | Seiwa-Coastal Leather Supply
Tokonole 120g | Seiwa-Coastal Leather Supply
Tokonole 120g | Seiwa-Black-Coastal Leather Supply
Tokonole 120g | Seiwa-Brown-Coastal Leather Supply
Tokonole 120g | Seiwa-Clear-Coastal Leather Supply
Tokonole 120g | Seiwa-Coastal Leather Supply

Tokonole 120g | Seiwa

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With a small amount of tokonole and some burnishing, any leather edge can be given a nice glossy finish. Simply apply with our squeeze bottle or your finger and spread across the edge.

If you are familiar with gum tragacanth then you will find this similar, but much easier to use, minimal smell, and won’t irritate your skin.
Tokonole can also be used to paste down the flesh side of leathers by applying and burnishing, which sticks down any loose fibers.

A 120g tub will last most workers many months.

This is a must-have in any leathercrafter’s workshop

Developed by Seiwa in Japan (same formula as pre-2023)

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